Coffee Lover BigMark


Some days you need a big coffee. And some days are even worse and your coffee needs a coffee. Well, we've got you covered. No matter how boring your book, or pedantic your plans, this giant cuppa Joe, will colorfully keep your alert and focused! He'll stick around for the long haul, no matter where you put him, because he brought his own snacks. He's so thoughtful!

No matter how big your plans or how tall the tale you're reading, our Magnetic BigMarks can handle it! Their large size and vivid colors make them the perfect companions for whatever you need to keep track of, and the hand-cut, top-grade photo stock means they'll look great for years to come. You can clip them virtually anywhere and they'll stay put. They're extra large, extra eye-catching, and extra cute! 

Use them in your textbooks, big novels, or to mark extra special events in your planner or calendar. With their magnetic personalities and oversized good looks, you'll be sure to find ways to show them off everywhere.

BigMark bookmarks are approximately 5-6" tall and 4-5" wide depending on the design. They are securely packaged in a cello packet and shipped well packed to prevent bending.

Colors of products may vary slightly from the photos shown. 

Illustrations © Fun Usual Suspects

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