Otter Magnetic Bookmark


Lyle the Otter might look like he's just chilling out, but don't be fooled. He's a highly trained bookmark who uses the rare, but effective, "flat on my back" technique to keep a close watch on any book or papers you assign him to. He's always happy to see you and you'll be otterly thrilled knowing that you have a professional working for you.

Never lose your place again. Your own little Magnetic Personality will keep it for you! Cute, bright and flexible, these attractive characters will clip to any page and stay put. Made from high grade photo stock and sheet magnets and designed, printed, cut and assembled by hand, you can be guaranteed of great quality and crisp colors on every one of these perfect placeholders.

Big Magnet bookmarks are approximately 3-3.5" tall depending on the design. They are securely packaged in a cello packet and shipped well packed to prevent bending.

Colors of products may vary slightly from the photos shown.

Illustrations © Fun Usual Suspects


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